Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®

The Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® (FBS®) designation is a professional certification mark for financial professionals providing financial consulting services conferred by the Financial Psychology Institute®.  To receive authorization to use the marks, the candidate must meet specific educational and continuing education requirements in the areas of behavioral finance and financial behavior.

Certification Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher from a Regionally Accredited Institute of higher learning and/or a License, Registration, or Certification in financial planning, counseling, coaching, mental health, or a related field.
  • Completion of a Certificate in Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance or related field.
  • Adherence to a “fiduciary standard” in interactions with clients and to follow the ethics code of either the CFP Board and/or American Psychological Association, depending on profession.  
  • 20 Hours of CEUs in approved courses related to financial planning, financial behavior, or a related field every 2 years, either through the Financial Psychology Institute® or other approved providers.
  • Two letters of recommendation from professionals familiar with financial psychology or financial therapy, and who are also familiar with your work.

Certificate holders include practicing financial planners, financial coaches, financial counselors, and mental health practitioners who use the theories and tools of financial behavior to provide more holistic services to clients, better understand financial beliefs and behaviors, and work more effectively with individuals, couples, families, and organizations around money.

If you are interested in completing an application you may download one here.

For further information, please contact Brenda Anderson.

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